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Attracted towards Unreal started learning it and made my first video.
Initial Earth shot was created in Blender. Characters downloaded from internet and Animation from AI motion capture data and Mixamo. Environment created using Quixel megascan
Resonsible for Motion capture relink to bones, Camera animation, Stagging, Lighitng and compositing.

Fun with Unreal

Simulating with Realflow

This commercial was done for one of my friend for non commercial purpose.

Simulation done in Real flow. Fruits asset downloaded from internet, Animation and Rendering done in Abobe After Effects.
Responsible of Simulation, Animation, lighting and compositing.

It was during Covid lockdown so tried something to pass the time. Got inspired from chinese man Tik tok video.

Created using  Foundry Nuke

Responsible for Acting, Adding 3d Aeroplane interior and compositing me over the wings.

Flying High

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